Madness author Lee Romano Sequeira was thrilled to be a guest on The Brass Ring with Gina Ghioldi. LISTEN LINK HERE Gina brings her endless enthusiasm, wit and warmth to The Brass Ring®, one of the hottest shows on the dial, and we at Madness fit right in!


As seen in What’s Your Mom Story by Lee Romano Sequeira


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The “Me” in the MADNESS herself was a featured blogger at Mirth & Motivation Thank you Elizabeth for the opportunity!
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“Thank you for sharing your experience. Your post touched me deeply” ~ Cindy Sullivan, RedRoom author (RE: MOURNING MOM: THIS CAN’T BE REAL)

Keep up the good work, I like your writing – very hilarious funny stuff!!! Stu Bono

“I just read your blog. I absolutely love it. It’s witty and honest and touching and I’ll be a regular reader. You…You have a gift ;)” ~ reader Dana Galati, NJ

“Love the madness – great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I’d read your total site — TWICE!” ~ Lia Pillem

“I LOVE the old and moldy post! You are an amazing writer and what an awesome tribute to your mom. She really sounds like such a character!” Nicole L. Philadelphia, PA