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Everything Sucks Now

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

“All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever.” ~ Thornton Wilder

love this art from

love this art from

If you’ve ever read my Madness snippets, you know I’m not much of a curmudgeon, nor do I play one on TV. Yeah, maybe I’m a bit jaded/irreverent from time to time, but I’m usually a “live and let live” type of gal (unless you f*&# with my dogs or my family), then the crazy comes out to play).

So, why do I think everything sucks these days? Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but I’ve noticed that everything messed with usually ends up messed up.

ITALIAN LESSON: shitty = merdoso

Hollywood has tarnished countless perfectly fine TV shows and movies with their ridiculous remakes, turning them into caricatures of themselves. Don’t even get me started on cereals and candy, because they’ve all been botched up big time with garbage chemicals, corn syrup and some crazy food colorings that would even make a 60s hippie cringe.

You’d think a great game could simply remain just that too, but no. Take a look at Candy Land — this one really bugs me. As a kid, I could imagine myself strolling through the scrumptious path of sweet deliciousness, so eager to get to those mouth-watering Neapolitan ice cream bars floating near the top of the board. If you look at the game now, it features a totally pimped out “King” peddling his sh!tty candy on a game board that looks like something the Willie Wonka candy factory threw up!

candyland game


As I finish up writing this post, I’m beginning to feel like one of the most famous curmudgeons, Andy Rooney. I think I better run and check my eyebrows.

Your turn to channel your inner crank and bellyache with me. Tell me about the things that changed in your world that bug you ~ thanks!