Me taking a break from all the insanity.

Me taking a break from all the insanity.


Mom told me we were not a normal family.  I believe her now, but “not normal” may be too gentle a term.  Shall we try  Crazy, Loony, Nuts, Mad, Kooky – plain ol’ insane? O.K., you may think I am disrespecting my mother and my family, believe me, I’m not.  I really love to reminisce about the pure craziness and recount many of the stories my mother told me while I was growing up, and I actually enjoy sharing bits of our family (mom’s) craziness I witnessed as a kid, a teen and yes, it continues on even as an adult.  Our family certainly seemed to always have a running supply of insanity, so I plan to entertain you with true stories and snippets of MADNESS MOM AND ME, Desperately Seeking Sanity in an NJ Italian family.  MADNESS MOM AND ME will one day be in book form (I am seeking a worthy publisher) so, you can dog-ear you favorite pages when you need a little madness break from time to time.

As I mentioned in my virgin MADNESS post, I’ll be sharing my overflowing treasure chest of crazy life moments with you,  including such gems as: the Jersey Devil, death spells, 16 different foster kids (many varieties), a lawn goose beating,  naughty cast-spelling relatives, burning Ouija boards, Sicilian cures, one hot Irish priest, butt crayons, trio of old biddies (trying to kill them),  the Exorcist, fat lips, wheel-chair racing, the gas oven of doom, funny money, black pornucopia, gangsta rap, gangs, guns, knives, happy pills  (and more pills) and years … actually decades of  madness.  My mission (besides a published bestseller or better yet, let’s head right to the big screen!) is to have you pee-your pants with laughter from time to time (OK, even a little spritz will do) — you may shed a tear or two, but this is not about sadness –these true stories are told with total adoration and love.  Love for my parents, love for all the lunacy and love for our entire family.  Expect me to be blunt, but I am sure you’d not want it any other way, right?

Yours in lunacy,


P.S.  Everything you read here is true.  I recount and write these stories and snippets to the best of my acid-trip free recollection, as most of the madness is permanetely etched into my little head with a sharp ballpoint pen.  Yes, a few of the names were changed to protect the guilty but, alas, their tales are true. 

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