Ladies & Gentlemen Take My Advice…

“Ladies & gentlemen take my advice; pull down your pants and slide on the ice”

Don’t you just love when cherished sayings and memories swirl through your head and say HELLO like those cute dancing candies from vintage drive-in movie ads?

candy dance 300x269 Ladies & Gentlemen Take My Advice...

The “pull down your pants” saying was one of those humorous little gems mom would share every once-in-awhile — which I have fond memories of now — so when I found the video clip from M*A*S*H it was like striking gold!

So here it is – enjoy, and please let me know if you’ve ever heard of this before, I’d love to know!

THIS JUST IN: Rest in Peace Allan Arbus, known to many of us at the psychiatrist Maj. Sidney Freedman from M*A*S*H (As seen in this clip above) passed away at age 95. Story HERE.

6 Responses to “Ladies & Gentlemen Take My Advice…”

  1. Barbara says:

    I was a huge MASH devotee, but I don’t ever remember hearing that line. Funny though!
    Barbara recently posted..Puppy Love, a Warm and Fuzzy StoryMy Profile

  2. "Me" says:

    @ Barbara: I don’t think Ma heard it there either, but you never know ;)
    "Me" recently posted..Ladies & Gentlemen Take My Advice…My Profile

  3. Andrew says:

    Also loved MASH – and met Sydney Friedman and remember this scene, though vaguely.

  4. "Me" says:

    @ Andrew:
    Thanks for the note Babe – so strange that he just died :(
    "Me" recently posted..Ladies & Gentlemen Take My Advice…My Profile

  5. steph says:

    I’ve been remiss in visiting. I get your rss feed, but have been busy. I actually clicked on this the other day from Barbara’s post. Funny as hell. I was a fan too, but don’t remember this. It’s a good one!
    steph recently posted..Freedom of Speech is So Loud!My Profile

  6. "Me" says:

    No worries Steph – so happy you popped by! Ahhh, the little sweet things we think are funny and remind us of the great ol’ days, huh? :)
    "Me" recently posted..Ladies & Gentlemen Take My Advice…My Profile

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