La Primavera! La Primavera!

“A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.” ~ Emily Dickinson

Call Doctor McDreamy, because I’ve caught SPRING FEVER!
Wow, what a gorgeous couple of sunny, warm, breezy summer-like days we’ve had here in the city, so in keeping with the simpler things — and having time to venture outside and smell the hyacinths — I thought I’d offer up a quickie! Quickie Italian lesson that is, so get your mind out of the gutter and let’s go!

Spring = la primavera.

Now, I’ll bet you a chocolate-covered cannoli you’ve uttered these words while ordering a delicioso pasta primavera — a light dish of pasta and fresh vegetables — at an Italian restaurant (and NO, The Olive Garden does NOT count as an Italian Restaurant, but I’m pretty positive you already know that).

spring pretty

Since we’re on a roll here, let’s continue with the other three seasons and the months of the year.
Note: The names of the months (i mesi) are not capitalized in Italian.

Summer – l’estate
Autumn -l’autunno
Winter – l’inverno

January – gennaio
February – febbraio
March – marzo
April – aprile
May – maggio
June – giugno
July – luglio
August – agosto
September – settembre
October – ottobre
November – novembre
December – dicembre (pronounced ‘dee-CHEHM-bray’, just so fun to say, isn’t it?)

Why not keep this quickie going — here are the days of the Week
The days of the week (i giorni della settimana) are also not capitalized
Monday – lunedì
Tuesday – martedì
Wednesday – mercoledì
Thursday – giovedì
Friday – venerdì
Saturday – sabato
Sunday – domenica

HINT: Try turning on your “ITALIAN MODE” — it helps with your accent!
italian mode

YOUR TURN: Please share with your favorite thing about SPRING — Bonus points for also sharing your favorite month!

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