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Sonny or Cher?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

“If comedy duos don’t like each other, it just won’t work.” ~ Scott Thompson

Sonny & Cher
Abbott & Costello
Laurel & Hardy
Martin & Lewis

No matter which of these famous comedy couples you may adore from back in the day, I bet you have just a pinch more affection for one personality over the other in each duo, right?

I have so much AMORE for all of the above mentioned. Lucy stands alone (if you’re wondering why she is not listed). I’ll be honest and share with you that Laurel, Lewis, & Costello were these duo’s darlings closet to my heart.

Oh, did you notice I didn’t choose between Sonny or Cher? Well, I think I love them both the same, most likely because of hearing dear Dad’s voice in my head. You see, Mom, Dad, Tracy & I would always look forward to a huge bowl of Jiffy Pop, a tray of peanut butter and jelly Ritz (more about those yummy morsels at this post), and we’d park ourselves in front of the tube to enjoy The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. As if it were a part of the show’s opening bit, Dad would ALWAYS say, “Sonny made Cher. If it weren’t for Sonny discovering Cher, she’d be nobody”.

Dad DID like the beautiful and talented Cher, but my guess has always been that he was just giving props to his fellow pisan Sonny.

ITALIAN LESSON: “Pisan” is the English equivalent of the Italian word pisano. It literally means “from Pisa, Pisan.” The pronunciation is “pee-ZAH-noh.”

Enjoy this clip from yesteryear, and be sure to share your favorites from any or all of these famous funny couples — I’d really love to know!

Who Wants to Settle for Normal Anyway?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

“I remixed a remix, it was back to normal.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

Ciao a Tutti,

I’ve been so busy lately, but just had to post something new TODAY to get my last post (the dreaded Snooki hybrid) off the top of the page. Besides, after that post Madness was just begging for a touch of class, so here’s Mom looking ravishing in late 1950s glam. A friend of mine (thank you ED!) mentioned this illustration, saying it reminded him of one of Mom’s photos I posted on Facebook — I think he’s right on this one, don’t you?

(ITALIAN LESSON: Noral = Normale)

Ahhh…50s fashion is so chic and so feminine. Do you ever indulge yourself in any past decade’s trends?