50-100% Chance of Bullsh*t!

Mom used to say,

hear no evil 246x300 50 100% Chance of Bullsh*t!

Yup, she got that right! There’s a major downpour with heavy amounts of B.S. flying down at us these days, don’t you think? It gets better — since it’s an election year, you’ll have to sit tight and enjoy the monsoon, because I’m certain the cow cookies will be hitting us hard and heavy, come fall.

(ITALIAN LESSON: Storm = Tempesta)

No worries, I’m steering clear of politics and religion today. I already covered a bit about the good ol’ Catholic days in a few of these fun and slightly irreverent posts:

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The Very Wretched Sister Urselena

Palm Sunday: Church with a Door Prize!

So, go out and get yourself a sturdy pair of thigh-high boots, a “gale force” umbrella, and please remember Ma’s wisdom.

Feel free to share your opinions about those political messages you know you’ll be enjoying on the tube soon — I’d love to hear your thoughts!

8 Responses to “50-100% Chance of Bullsh*t!”

  1. Nek Rerettek says:

    I really do not let myself be opened up to any kinda bullshit, because it’s just that, BULLSHIT. It just “drop jaws” me when it comes from “educated” leaders and they expect one to eat it with a smile on one’s face without an napkins available. This guy I love, because he doesn’t eat any bullshit… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE ~Nek™

  2. "Me" says:

    @ Nek Rerettek: “…expect one to eat it with a smile on one’s face without an napkins available.” ~ brilliantly said!
    Thanks for stopping by (and yes, Jon Stewart rocks!)
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  3. Kat says:

    Loved this post. So relevant today. There is so mich “information” available to us through traditional channels, social media etc. it is hard to know what we can and cannot believe. Your Mother’s wisdom is a wonderful guideline!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. "Me" says:

    @ Kat:
    Yes, Mom did have a way with words – and those words have much more power these days, that’s for sure!
    Thanks so much for your comment :)
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  5. Ange says:

    Bullshit is the fuel for 24/7 “news” and partisan idiocy that run rampant through the comments section of just about any blog or website. If not politics, it’s the small minded, trifling, nearly inbred nonsense focused on such weighty issues as the hairstyle of a young Olympic champion. Honest to God, if we get any lower, we’ll have to look up to see the sidewalk.

  6. "Me" says:

    @ Ange:
    Look up to see the sidewalk — love it!! Funny, I feel that way when reading some Facebook posts these days (arrrggg)!!
    "Me" recently posted..50-100% Chance of Bullsh*t!My Profile

  7. Skip says:

    Agree with the quote! But, more importantly: who are the hot brunettes?

  8. "Me" says:

    @ Skip:
    Ahhh – you likee I see? Thanks so much for the comment!
    "Me" recently posted..50-100% Chance of Bullsh*t!My Profile

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