Tomatoes & Other Sweet Simple Pleasures

“A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.” ~Laurie Colwin

There are many proud moments in the life of an Italian family, but one of the sweetest is when the baby of the brood selects and picks their very first ripe and juicy homegrown tomato.

Since these plants are grown with pure love, this event must be properly documented and proudly shared with the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, the neighbors, the local butcher, cobbler, cheesemonger, tailor and funeral director. Upon viewing the photo, all will most likely throw their hands in the air and happily shout, BRAVO BRAVO!

ITALIAN LESSON: Tomato = Pomodoro

tomato 300x225 Tomatoes & Other Sweet Simple Pleasures

I recently came across this photo of a little me in our New Jersey garden, and I remember my Mom and Dad sharing the “first picked” memory with me. Ahhh…the simple things, right?

This reminded me of a few more of life’s simple pleasures, like:

  • Running through the sprinkler like your pants were on fire – whoo hoo!
  • Showing off your bright blue tongue after eating a bomb-pop
  • Twirling yourself around and around in the grass until you crash, so you gaze up at the sky, which is now revolving around your head like a 45!
  • Laughing so hard you pee your pants (hey, that still happens to me now!)

    spinker 300x200 Tomatoes & Other Sweet Simple Pleasures

    Yes, the simple things in life are often our finest moments. I could go on and on with many more, but I’d love to hear a few of yours, so share in the comments section below, per favore.


  • 4 Responses to “Tomatoes & Other Sweet Simple Pleasures”

    1. Style Maniac says:

      How sweet is this? Si si, it’s always the simplest things that are the best.
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    2. barbara says:

      I totally agree Lee. I love hearing your childhood memories.
      barbara recently posted..Are You A Collector?My Profile

    3. Pat says:

      How adorable! Love this photo and the ritual your family had – Never knew this one! LUV IT!!!! : )

    4. "Me" says:

      @ Pat:
      Awww, thanks so much. Great memories :) for sure!
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