1095 days of Madness!

Madness Mom & Me just turned 3!

Even though I’ve been writing snippets about my madcap family for about a decade, my little Madness blog found its home on the web three years ago. Now that 3 is here, I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite posts, and provide a glimpse into a few upcoming zany-but-true stories. As always, Madness is written with AMORE no matter how crazy the times seemed, it’s all about La Famiglia and the fun times we shared.


A few faves:

First up “Joe Pesci is my third cousin, you gotta F*%#!n’ problem with that? even though I’ve never met this little firecracker, my Nan loved to tell me about this family tie.

A true masterpiece performance in
“Mom sticks her head in the oven!” Always cracked mom & me up!

Dad’s 1975 Chevy Impala $3000.00.
Gallon of gas .57 cents.
Mom throwing a shoe/handbag/wallet out of the car at 35 mph — PRICELESS! In “Turn the car around, Dominic!”

Because a little girl’s sketch of her dad stark naked is truly heart-warming, just like a Norman Rockwell painting. See “Ding-a-Lings at the Dover Library”

Mom’s hilarious visit to the hospital really made for some giggles in “The Impatient Patient”.

And because everyone deserves a good meltdown, Shaken Laptop Syndrome. All I can say is thank God for warranties!

The ghosts of Madness future:

Did you hear the one about the girl who pummeled another with a lawn goose? I’ll be sharing that good time.

Mom got hit by a truck (and her “flying” groceries) or Mom vs. Truck a.k.a. My Mother is Superwoman!

My aunts were are witches? (well, do houses burning down, heart attack spells & more “oops” occurrences count?)

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – all about one Irish, singing, guitar-playing and molto HOT Catholic priest!

The day the Ouija board went on attack!

Nostalgia – Yeah, I’m a total sucker, so expect plenty of retro with a twist.

Silverfish at Ekstrom Street – Dom, let’s pack those @#$&^* bags!

or at least something close to those titles….and plenty more stories about ITALIAN STUFF (yeah, that’s a very esoteric writer’s term)!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by — I really appreciate it.

Ciao & see ya soon!

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