Empty Bench

“Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than remember me and cry.” ~ unknown

I posted a shorter version of this poem on Facebook last year near Mom’s birthday, but it never made its way to the Madness blog. Since a full year has now come full circle, and I’m taking today off to visit this seaside bench once again, I figured it’s a good time to make this a live one.

Scusa me amicas and amicos, I certainly am light years behind the likes of Emily Dickinson.

mom in OC 225x300 Empty Bench


We’d stop and sit for a chat
Our laughter filling the salty air

A stroll on the boards
A slice, a cone, a coke
“Watch those $@#& seagulls!”
Always a chuckle at one of your jokes

Seaside moments to treasure
Our own bit of heaven on earth
For some, a bond so rare
A friendship mom her daughter shared

Today my tears flowed without your presence
I see only our blue bench…empty
Just waiting for you to come and join me there

moms bench 300x225 Empty Bench

ITALIAN LESSON: missing (in the absence of) = mancando — “I’m missing you” = “Mi stai mancando”


Jeez, how I miss you, our belly laughs, shopping sprees, our funny ‘what-would-you-rather-have’ questions and the silliness we enjoyed every time we spent those precious moments together. I especially miss reading you my madness writing about all the kooky things we experienced as a family (and the variety of sixteen foster kids, each with their own story).

Even though some of these stories may seem wacked-out to some, I’d go back and enjoy every insane minute again.

~ Me

12 Responses to “Empty Bench”

  1. Irene Smith says:

    How beautiful! If that bench could talk it would recall many moments of love, laughter, jokes and just plain fun! An inanimate object cannot speak, but it certainly is a symbol of memories held close to the heart, and it can certainly hold positive energy for the one left to view it, in memory. The complete mystery of life after death is something no human on earth can possibly know in its entirety, but I certainly believe love never dies, and is somehow conveyed to those gone, and felt by them long afterwards. Peg Romano was a beautiful woman, inside and out, so vibrant and wonderful in spirit, that she lives on in very powerful ways. She KNOWS today that her beautiful daughter will sit on this bench and recall a million days of beauty with her, and be missed terribly, but remembered with love, laughter and tears. Lee, have a beautiful day and remember always that she could never really be gone, but I am sorry she is not here in the ways that would comfort your heart, the loving heart of a daughter who was blessed tenfold. God bless you Lee! I love you!

  2. barbara says:

    I marvel at the relationship you had and cannot relate at all but know this: It is RARE. You didn’t have her nearly as long as you wanted to but you had a quality relationship few can even imagine. That is something to truly cherish.
    I’ll be right down the street from that bench if you need me today.
    barbara recently posted..Trauma in the Dressing RoomMy Profile

  3. "Me" says:

    @ Irene Smith:
    Very touching Irene – you are so sweet and you have such the gift of writing.
    Love you xo
    "Me" recently posted..Empty BenchMy Profile

  4. "Me" says:

    Your comments and support are wonderful Barbara. I only wish you shared some of these memories with your mom as well, but you are who you are today because of your past – a strong, vibrant, artistic woman! :) xo
    "Me" recently posted..Empty BenchMy Profile

  5. Pat says:

    Lee, beautiful poem! Writing feelings is so very cathartic. Thanks for posting. As I still have both my parents with me, your poem is a wake up call to appreciate them along with their idiosyncrasies and egress of aging bodies.

  6. Dolly says:

    Beautiful, Lee. xo

  7. Judith McCarthy says:

    Lovely tribute, Lee. Love is everything!

  8. "Me" says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by Dolly. xoxo :)
    "Me" recently posted..Empty BenchMy Profile

  9. "Me" says:

    All you need is LOVE, right Jude? xo
    "Me" recently posted..Empty BenchMy Profile

  10. Style Maniac says:

    A wonderful tribute to your mom. It’s clear why she was so proud and joyful to have you as a daughter.

  11. "Me" says:

    GRAZIE Style Maniac!
    "Me" recently posted..Empty BenchMy Profile

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