Madness, Mom & Mother’s Day

No sugarcoating whatsoever:
Life without Mom pisses me off!

Yes, I’m grateful for all the sweet, wonderful and sometimes hilarious years I had with my parents. Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones to have a smart & funny husband, a fabulous family, great friends and two adorable terriers who are quite talented at licking my tears away when they fall. I know I’m lucky to have all of these things, yet when you lose a Mom who is also a best friend, your muse and a person you really enjoy hanging out with, it really leaves a gash in your heart.

pisse Madness, Mom & Mothers Day

(ITALIAN LESSON: angry = arrabbiato)

Sometimes I scratch my wound on purpose. I’m a total sucker for family photos, and many nights I’ll grab a pile of childhood pictures and pore over them, treasuring each frame while fondly reminiscing about the good times. Memories dance through my head and I love it, yet it’s like torture (and I am no masochist).

I realize these memories are all I have now. No time to create new ones with Ma, no new jokes or one-liners of hers for me to jot down and share. No more shopping sprees or or chatting while she relaxes on the couch with a coke and one of my furkids (as seen in the photo below) etc. I can’t even ask her a question about the sixteen foster kids she and my loving Dad took in over the years — I just have my own recollections to rely on now.

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This will be my second Mother’s Day without her, and it stings – it really just “sucks the big one” to be blunt. No, I don’t plan to beat up another laptop (See: Shaken Laptop Syndrome) or anyone else for that matter (although I may be typing a bit hard on these keys at the moment).

So, do me a favor if your Mom is still here. Give her a hug from me — and make it extra tight.

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12 Responses to “Madness, Mom & Mother’s Day”

  1. deb says:

    I just spoke with my mom via the good ol telephone. She is in Florida and I am in Jersey….I do wish though I could give her a hug on this special day, but I will just be grateful to have her still on this earth with us. I shall NOT take advantage of that! Thoughts & hugs to you Lee. xoxox

  2. "Me" says:

    Sweet — Yes, enjoy every moment Deb, event when a Mom can try your patience. :)
    "Me" recently posted..Madness, Mom & Mother’s DayMy Profile

  3. denise says:

    oh honey,
    You are a precious daughter, and, your mom was blessed to have you.

  4. Lornie says:

    <3 Thanks for the reminder Leelee. Will definitely be giving my mom a big hug when I see her.

  5. "Me" says:

    So sweet Lornie – thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment too! xoxo

  6. Irene Smith says:

    Nothing could be more true! It is HELL! It SUCKS! I do the same thing. I sit and remember ALL those good times. I have not dragged the pictures out lately, but when I am rearranging stuff and come upon that box, Oh Boy, God help all those around me, because I am upset later. Wish there were more pics of my Mom. I believe there is only ONE nice one of the two of us. Oh Lee, there is nothing I can say because I am right there with you. Only difference is I have had since 1991 to resign myself to the fact that she is gone, really truly gone! I love you Lee.

  7. "Me" says:

    @ Denise:
    Thanks so much for the comment :) Very sweet of you!
    "Me" recently posted..Madness, Mom & Mother’s DayMy Profile

  8. "Me" says:

    @ Irene:
    Yes, maybe one day we can sit and look at our precious photos together! :) Love you back,
    "Me" recently posted..Madness, Mom & Mother’s DayMy Profile

  9. Style Maniac says:

    Lee, my heart goes out to you always but on these holidays especially.
    Style Maniac recently posted..Destination Decorating: Marrakesh By DesignMy Profile

  10. "Me" says:

    @ Style Maniac:
    Appreciated so much! :)
    Yes, you saw me the day after my laptop incident – not pretty… oops!
    "Me" recently posted..Madness, Mom & Mother’s DayMy Profile

  11. cecelala says:

    Hi, just read your blog I know how you miss your Mom. Just remember the good times and all those wonderful memories!! I know you have a lot too.

    Some people dont have their Moms as long as we did…..we were oh so lucky. She was also blessed to have you, don’t forget that! I guess we just never can forget, its hard to let go isnt it.

    <3 cecelala

  12. "Me" says:

    @ Cecelala:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Yes we were very lucky, weren’t we? I’m sure not a day goes by for you (as well as for me) that our beloved mothers don’t pop into our head many times throughout the day.

    I guess we just have to know we carry them and their memories with us all the time.

    ~ Me
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