Let’s Pretend!

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” ~ Jim Henson

pretend 224x300 Lets Pretend!

(ITALIAN LESSON: pretend = pretendere)

I loved to pretend when I was a kid (and still do). My imagination would have a field day with made-up scenarios, colorful characters and silly games. Just for sht!ts and giggles I shared a few of them here, and hope you’ll add one or two of your faves when you’re done reading this post before you go out to play, OK?

  • Rock Star - you know, when you sing into your hairbrush and the crowd goes WILD! Pretty normal stuff, but that may be where normal ends
  • Orphanage - pretending to be lonely little orphans seeking a new home and awaiting our rations for the day
  • Indian Boy & Devil Dog - When naughty Devil Dog showed up to harass my cousin Tracy, she had to yell help so the mystical and powerful Indian Boy could rescue her from the evil and annoying dog (both parts were played by yours truly).
  • The Great Gazoo! – Tracy & I used to “fly” around the house when we put on our hand-crocheted slippers lovingly made by Nan. Don’t mock, those little footies had some kick-ass magical powers, and besides that, The Flintstones ruled!
  • “Father” Romano – Yes, I played a “Priest” who delivered communion to my congregation (usually my cousin and dog). Our wafer was white bread squashed in the shape of a quarter.
  • The King and I - Some days I was the King, and others all I had to do was wrap Mom’s beautiful “King & I” robe around me, and in an instant I turned into the British school teacher waiting for the “March of the Children”. One of my favorite scenes from a true classic starring Yul Brenner.

    Need a memory jog? Check this out:

    So, let’s hear about YOUR fun! Please share in our comments spot HERE.

    p.s. a bit more about orphanage & Sunday services can be found at this post.

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    1. Style Maniac says:

      As writers we get to play pretend forever — what could be better than that?!

      My sister and I created all kinds of marvelous worlds. One was Patent Leathers, a store housed in our empty dining room where you could absolutely anything in the world.
      Style Maniac recently posted..Caftan, Take Me AwayMy Profile

    2. Style Maniac says:

      where you could BUY anything in the world
      Style Maniac recently posted..Caftan, Take Me AwayMy Profile

    3. Barbara says:

      Love the king and I… etc., etc., etc.

      My best friend and I used to pretend we were single working women. There was a finished family room in her basement with a full kitchen and that was my apartment. Her apt. was upstairs. Neither of us wanted to get married and absolutely had no intentions of having kids! Pretty radical in the early ’60′s. Somehow it didn’t turn out quite that way but I’m ok with it.
      Barbara recently posted..The Joys of GrandparentingMy Profile

    4. "Me" says:

      @ Style Maniac
      A place where you could buy anything – now that sounds like my cup of tea! Do you remember any of the items you “purchased”?
      "Me" recently posted..Let’s Pretend!My Profile

    5. "Me" says:

      @ Barbara:
      I just love your creativity with that “game” of yours and how you bucked the norm at the time — way to go! :)
      "Me" recently posted..Let’s Pretend!My Profile

    6. I absolutely loved to play pretend, all the time! My most memorable and favorite game was one I played with my best cousin, Christa. We would play “cave” in my grandparents’ basement. We were run-away kids, leaving a mean and evil mother. We would pour magic water over the “rocks” to make them soft so we could sit on them, thereby explaining why the couch cushions were our chairs and such. I also remember that part of cave was that we were spies too, mic’ing the house and spying on the evil mother. Hmm, shades of too much reality in my home life?

    7. "Me" says:

      @ Denine – The Bicycle-Chef:
      So imaginative! :) Sorry you did not have the Mom you deserved, but I am happy you turned out to be a fabulous mom yourself and got through the tough times creating these childhood games.
      "Me" recently posted..Let’s Pretend!My Profile

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