I Caught You Peeking!

Happy to see you popped in to my world of madness for a second. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little glimpse of whatever you stumbled upon here while your wasting enjoying time on the world wide web.

benvenuti 300x225 I Caught You Peeking!

The thing is, peek away my friends!
I love that you found my blog (I dish & tell snippets & stories about my slightly crazy, certifiably neurotic, yet totally lovable NJ Italian family), and I hope you’ll be back for another serving. Yeah, I’d love it a bit more if you left a comment even to just mention you were here — that would be cool. Just typing a “hey” or “ciao” or even your nickname in the COMMENTS spot would be the Pecorino on my pasta!

ITALIAN LESSON: peek-a-boo = gioco del cucù

peek 300x244 I Caught You Peeking!

You see, I can view how many stop by and the numbers surprise me (in a good way). I just wish I knew a few of your names.


14 Responses to “I Caught You Peeking!”

  1. Tony says:

    I love the fact that you always introduce Italian vocabulary! I would love to learn Italian, but it’s easier to pick up a word here and there so you are being helpful in as much as I can handle. Grazie, ciao!

  2. "Me" says:

    Glad you stopped by & hope to see you again :)
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  3. Irene Smith says:

    See, you’re even helping a guy (Tony) pick up a few Italian words. Brava! Well, I’ll always be stopping by as I am lucky enough to have been privy to your stories/talents/charisma for 22 years now! But also, having grown up in Northern New Jersey, North Newark specifically, I have been made an honorary Italian girl by numerous friends whom I credit for; the ability to make a slamming Sunday gravy, accepting nothing less than Calandra’s breads, the ability to choose THE best places to eat, curse someone out using all the most fun Italian slang words, and yell “OOOOOHH” in my most threatening “Paulie from the Sopranos” when the bus driver misses my stop! Mostly, I have been lucky enough to enjoy the love, warmth, hospitality, laughter, sense of being part of a large family and many Sundays in church (even if we were trying not to laugh). Happy Memorial Day weekend to you Lee, and to ALL those wonderful New Jersey Italians!!!

  4. "Me" says:

    @ Irene Smith:

    I can just hear you with Paulie Soprano “OOOOOHH” – LOVE IT! ;)
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a Jersey-style KICK-ASS comment!
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  5. Irene Smith says:

    The hysterical part of it is, “you can take the girl out of North Newark, but can’t take all of North Newark out of the girl” because one day as the driver whizzed past Caldwell College, out came Paulie!!!!! Completely involuntarily!!! I laughed as the bus brakes screeched and my bus friends were yelling their “YO s” and “Hold up s” It just doesn’t leave you!

  6. Tony says:

    @ Irene Smith:

    I’m not completely ignorant. Yet, after spending two days in San Valle Giovanni, Abruzzi, I felt pretty bad not understanding Italian. Just sitting around eating, my friend asked me why I wasn’t finished my food. I said, “Mangio pianissimo.” Certainly not a perfect translation of “I’m eating slowly,” but enough to make everyone applaud. One Italian guy praised me by saying “Bravissimo!” Can’t wait to go back. Amo l’Italia. I hope that’s correct…

  7. Tony says:

    BTW–I would have spelled the region I was referring to as “Abruzzo” not “Abruzzi.” I was duped by autocorrection. I went against my own instinct—I should have known better.

  8. "Me" says:

    @ Tony:
    @ Irene Smith:
    Loving the dialogue!
    。☆ 。☆。☆
    。☆。 。☆。
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  9. Irene Smith says:


    Tony, never feel BAD about sitting around eating Italian food!!!! It is your God given right! I could eat Italian food seven days a week, no problem. Earlier, what I meant was that it is a wonderful thing that this wonderful creation called “Madness Mom and Me” would actually give a bit of Italian words to all, in addition to being humorous and nostalgic! I give credit to anyone who attempts to even partially learn another language. Italy must have been beautiful! Just reading the names of the towns you visited makes me jealous Tony! Oh well, maybe someday. What was your favorite place in Italy? You too Lee? Teach ME something! LOL

  10. Tony says:

    @ Irene Smith: Tough to not feel bad when you’re sitting around for days and cannot communicate with the people who are feeding you delicious foods. But I made out pretty good. My favorite place was Pompeii.

    Check out my story on the Philadelphia Scourge if you want to see some nice pics and read about Italian food, especially cinghiale=Italian for “wild boar.”

    The vacation was the most memorable one I ever had! I’ll be writing more stories inspired by it for sure.

  11. Irene Smith says:

    You’re right Tony, I would feel badly also, if I could not express how much I appreciated their hospitality and culinary talents. I will check out your story on Philadelphia Scourge. Looking forward to your more on your vaca! Thanks for sharing all this!

  12. Style Maniac says:

    Now I’m thinking of pasta — and it’s only 7:59 a.m. (I like mine with Parmigiana-Reggiano)

    Glad to hear you are getting the traffic and attention you deserve, Lee!
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  13. Irene Smith says:

    Freshly grated Locatelli is good also!

  14. "Me" says:

    @ Style Maniac: Pasta rules any time of day -mmmmm!!
    @ Irene Smith: Now I am hungry, too! :)
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