Hippie Vests & Other Cool Kiddie Things

“I have my whole life to be mature, why start now?” ~ Anon

Remember the littlest things you found so cool when you were a kid? Even now, that feeling still shines through every once in a while for me.

(ITALIAN LESSON: Awesome= Fantastico)

Ok, seriously, who am I kidding? I still feel like a silly kid trapped in a woman’s body most days, and I really don’t mind the childhood flashbacks. In fact, I welcome them. It’s my own time travel machine, and I can flip the “on” switch with only a fond memory or two.

A few of my favorite cool kid things are listed below. Please share some of yours HERE. I’d love to read them!

★ Putting playing cards in the wheels of my bicycle with a clothespin, giving my ride that bad-ass Evil Knievel sound!

★ Rolling up a small piece of paper and stuffing baby powder inside so people thought I was having a ciggie. Remember, in the 70s smoking seemed so chic. Issue was, my powdered “cigarette” was only good for a couple of exhales.

★ My homemade “braces” I created with thin strands of tinfoil. I actually thought friends and neighbors would ask “Oh Lee, when did you get the braces honey?” Luckily, I never needed the real things. Ouch, they do seem painful!

★ My go-cart ruled! Even though it was simply made of painted wood and kind of resembled a crucifix with wheels, my Dad made it for me, and I was fortunate enough to not smack into any trees while flying down our street on it.

★ This “hippie” vest I borrowed from my older cousin Phil. Loved its older kid, free spirit vibe!

Looking forward to hearing your cool kiddie things. Hey, I may even try some of them out!

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