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Quisp or Quake?

Friday, February 24th, 2012

“Like religion, politics, and family planning, cereal is not a topic to be brought up in public. It’s too controversial.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Ahhh…the simple pleasures of being a kid. Last night I saw a cereal commercial on the tube, and I was instantly reminded of my personal breakfast “showings” which would take place right in front of my face at the kitchen table.

Mom was great about buying the cereals I loved, like Quisp (it was either Quisp or Quake, and I was a Quisp gal), Frosted Flakes, Trix, Honeycomb, Fruit Loops and Sugar Smacks — loved how they used the word SUGAR as a selling point — and you’d get a cute little prize inside (those trinkets were so exciting to find)!

My little show was simple. In front of me, facing forward would be my cereal box of choice. As I enjoyed my cold milk-filled bowl of delicious sugary flavor, I would rotate the box and read the sides, saving the pièce de résistance (the back of the box where ALL the fun stuff was) as my finale!

Such free and simple entertainment for a kid. How I miss those days of carefree living and having all the time in the world to read my array of cereal boxes.

ITALIAN LESSON: I have cereal for breakfast = mangio cereali per colazione

I’d love to hear what your favorite cereals were (or still are). Please share in the comments section HERE.

Lil Bits & Pieces (what’s your nickname?)

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

“When I go out with the ladies, I don’t force them to pronounce my name. I tell them I like to go by the nickname of Kitten.” ~ Joaquin Phoenix

Lil bits, bit bits, little bitch, e-little-bits, and e-lil-bitch were collective nicknames for my given name, Elizabeth. My cousin Suzanne called me most of them, with bit bits and little bitch her personal faves. E-liz-a-beth is a lot of name for a two year old.

Imagine if my parents had chosen to name me Domenica! This was the preference of my Sicilian grandmother, though going up against the feisty woman that was my mom, Nan had little hope of winning the name game. I always thought I was named after the Queen of England, but mom pointed out it was Elizabeth Taylor who inspired her choice. Hey, not too shabby, right?

Elizabeth IS a pretty name, with more than it’s share of nicknames (Bess, Betty, Bessie, Eli, Liz, Lizzy, Libby, etc.).
I, however, was having none of those — or even Elizabeth. One day, when I was about two, Mom heard a commotion coming from my room. When she swung my bedroom door open, my entire baby wardrobe was thrown all over the place (think: clothing explosion!) and there I was happily jumping up and down on my bed yelling proudly, “LEE LEE’S MESS! LEE LEE’S MESS!” If only we had YouTube back then…DAMN, we would’ve gone viral!

(ITALIAN LESSON: Nickname – Soprannome)

Anyway, Lee Lee “stuck”. I was called Lee Lee for a few years, and then one of the Lees simply fell away. Mom’s vision of the beautiful name she chose for her daughter vanished too, since Lee is what I go by today. Mom and Dad did use Elizabeth when I was acting up though, since four syllables made for much better yelling power.

Do you have a nickname? I’d love to hear your childhood nicknames that stuck – or didn’t. Please share HERE.