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Cartoon Crush

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

“Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky.” ~ Fran Lebowitz

A while back I shared with you my childhood crushes in the post Crush Crazy. Quite an eclectic group, and they happened to be human.

Today, I’m feeling nostalgic about my first cartoon crush, none other than COURAGEOUS CAT. Courageous Cat was one cool customer, had a zippy sportscar (the Catcar), a bachelor pad (the Catcave) an entourage (well, at least a sidekick) and best of all, his amazing Catgun — an über weapon that would morph into whatever fit the crime-fighting occasion.

Truly, he was the James Bond of cats!

ME-OW! Courageous Cat ruled! Sadly, when we started getting all PC, Courageous’s catgun was no longer considered appropriate for a kid’s show, even if it never fired bullets. So, with panties in a bunch, it was pulled from the airwaves. I covered political correctness in this post, The Good Ol’ Inappropriate Days, so please have a look and share your opinion on the subject.

Ciao Courageous, I miss you!

Please share!
What was your favorite cartoon growing up, or who was YOUR cartoon crush?

7 Links Challenge

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

I was recently asked by Barbara Hammond of Zero to 60, and Katie Sorene of Trip Base to take part in the 7 Links Challenge, where you select previously written posts in 7 categories, then ask your fellow bloggers/blogstresses to do the same. It’s a bit harder than you think, so please challenge yourself. I won’t call anyone out (as the “rules” state) so it’s up to you if you wish to give it a whirl. Plus, I do enjoy breaking the rules!

    Here are the categories and my Madness selections:

Most beautiful post:
Mourning Mom
Speaks for itself, and it’s all still so surreal to me. My world as I knew it ended when mom died.

Most popular post:
Joe Pesci is my third cousin, you gotta F*%#!n’ problem with that?
Because who doesn’t love crazy ranting cousin Joe?

Most controversial post:
The Good Ol’ Inappropriate Days.
Political correctness? Who really gives a sh!t?

Most helpful post:
Love Rituals

Everyone should be so lucky to have so much love.

A post whose success surprised you:
Pretty Precious Things
Short & sweet — I received many comments and emails about your treasured keepsakes.

A post which didn’t get the attention it deserved:
Turn the Car Around Dominic!
Come on, Mom throwing her shoes, handbag and Dad’s wallet out of the car window? = funny stuff!

Post that you are most proud of:
Ding-a-lings at the Dover Library
A little girl’s original art. So what if it was all about a penis…I love that story!

Have a blog? Free to share your link in the comments section, and/or tell me about your single favorite post.

The Sh!t List!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

“Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

A short & sweet post today.
Well, maybe not all that sweet — more stinky, but I like the message anyway.

Mom had a saying which I found myself using today regarding a pain-in-the-ass family member. I said, “they’ve made it to my SHIT LIST”! I realized I haven’t used that phrase in awhile, so it was quite overdue. The Sh!t List began when I was little and Mom was beginning to lose her patience. She’d give us this warning when we were getting out of hand, “you better cut that out right now, or you’ll end up on my sh!t list”! Direct and to the point, and we got it.

You get the drift too, I’m sure. So if anyone made it to your sh!t list recently, please share below by clicking that comment button — you can use code names, intitials, symbols, or feel free to tell us the whole sh!tty story.

ITALIAN LESSON: Merda = Sh*t, though not used nearly as often as English. Except in Siamo nella merda = “We’re in the shit.”

Stay on the good side Madness, and head to the home page: HERE.

Mom’s Prison Rap

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

My mother really had a kick-ass sense of humor, which you can clearly see in these past posts: My Clever Mom, Dissin’ & Dishin’ with Mom, and The Impatient Patient.

Her original “PRISON RAP” is one of my favorites, and I’m lucky enough to have a taped version featuring rapper mom at the mic! Yeah, it might sound crazy, but this little rap of hers is one of my most cherished memories of her clever wit!

So let’s get to it — here is Mom’s original rap:

PRISON RAP ~ by Margo Romano

I’m going through a phase with my razor blades
I’ll stab you in the neck, but what the heck
I got you by the balls, so you’re takin’ a fall
I’m hopping on a train, going insane
But I’m coming back and that’s a fact

I’m telling no lies, so you better hide
I’ll do my time for committing my crime
I know life sucks, but what the F*CK!

There ain’t no reason, there ain’t no rhyme,
I’m just sitting in my cell doing time.