Crush Crazy!

ringo 300x267 Crush Crazy!

I’ve mentioned one of my first crushes (Mr. Peanut) in my Atlantic City post, but I think I only liked him for his warm toasty nuts. Get your mind out of the gutter — his peanuts!

But, I was fickle. As a young lass, I really had eyes for Ringo Starr (of the Beatles, in case you just woke up from a four decade long coma). Fortune was on my side, seeing as how my first grade teacher happened to know Ringo personally! In fact, she told me she’d give him my love letters. How exciting for me!

Crush number two was comedian Jerry Lewis. I used to watch his hysterical movies over and over again. Jerry was totally adorable and he made me laugh – what else does a girl need?

jerry lewis 240x300 Crush Crazy!

As I grew a bit older music took center stage, and with that, Elton John became my main squeeze. My adolescent bedroom walls were crammed, wall-to-wall, with posters of EJ in a variety of his fabulously flamboyant outfits. I thought he was the sexiest thing! (I had no idea about his sexual preferences then, but I wouldn’t have cared anyway). Each night I was sure to write how I LOVED ELTON in my diary.

elton john 221x300 Crush Crazy!

I have quite the soft spot in my heart for my first crushes, and I always will. These three guys were the garland on my childhood, and when I think about my little girl first loves, I still smile.

Ok, SPILL IT! Who were your first crushes? Please share in the comments section below & head back to the home of MADNESS.

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  1. barbara says:

    You at least had 2 out of 3 that were straight.

    My first crushes were Troy Donahue and Rock Hudson! :-/

  2. Irene Smith says:

    As a 7 year old, I sat on the floor of my bedroom, listening to Beatles albums (that my Dad purchased for me in NYC) on my Vornado record player, purchased at Two Guys! My parents would catch me listening and quietly sobbing. They asked me why, and even I did not understand that I was crying because I knew I would never meet Paul McCartney or John Lennon!!!!! I cried that same way at the end of every “Lassie” episode when Lassie raised that one paw, because I wanted her to be my doggie so badly. (Not a little girl romantic crush, but little girl doggie love anyway). As a young teen, it was, of course, the most handsome, talented hippie ever, the incomparable Jim Morrison. Only Paul is left, and his music can still elicit tears from me at times.

  3. "Me" says:

    Barb – that is pretty funny (2 out of 3)!

    Irene – Wow – the Vornado brand brings back memories in itself! Your story about Lassie is charming, and your crushes divine!

    :) Me

  4. Denine says:

    So funny how we, as youngsters, or ‘tweens as they are called today, have these wild crushes – sometimes without even realizing who the person truly is – al la Elton John, Rock Hudson or Troy Donahue. I’ll add to this list of the clueless about the “Boys” – The Village People – specifically the Construction Worker – David Hodo! Though I suppose I wanted to sort of dress like that – a burgeoning baby dyke that I was! I also liked Rex Smith, Robby Benson and Timothy Hutton. I think I went for those soulful sensitive types. Plus, I could be more macho then those boy/girls! Thanks for the memories!

  5. "Me" says:

    Denine, Your comment made me laugh — I remember Rex Smith – he had all those blond locks, right? Tim Hutton – mmmm – nice choice too – the thinking + sensitive man. Robby – I can still hear his raspy voice and see his ocean-blue eyes — he seemed so innocent, too.
    Me :)
    p.s. glad you enjoyed the memories!

  6. Michele says:

    Richard Chamberlain….Dr. Kildare, Paul McCartney….then I got weird….absolutely LOVED Rudolph Nureyev…actually followed him around whenever I could, so saw him a few times waking from theater to hotel. Just loved him and his gorgeous body and could not conceive of him being gay….
    And then I met my husband ;-)

  7. "Me" says:

    Michele, Thanks for the comment — too funny, we all seem to like gay men — they rock!!! :)

  8. Pat says:

    Great pics of JL & EJ!!!! My first crush was Captain Parmenter (Ken Berry) from F Troop. I’d hide on the stairs when I knew he’d be on the Carol Burnett show. Since was too late for me to stay up, I’d hide just to see him! 2nd crush – ROGER DALTREY and yes, I got to meet him when he was at the mature age of 66 (now he’s 67) and he turned me down ha ha!! Well, he woudnt have been able to keep up with me – his loss : ) He still looks amazing though!

  9. "Me" says:

    Love your crushes, Pat! Hmm…all straight guys for you, huh?

  10. KB says:

    Loved this! I have given this some thought….my first real crush was Davy Jones (The Monkees). My one and only sibling, a sister, is 11 years older than me loved them. I can see myself, at about 6 yrs old, sitting in our living room hugging her album covers (of the Monkees) and watching their tv show together. I absolutely adored Davy Jones and his cute accent!

    I forgot about this… until now. How wonderful to recall such a sweet memory from my childhood. Thanks for the memories!

  11. Style Maniac says:

    I have a theory that your taste in men can quickly be divined by which Beatle you had a crush on: John, Paul, George or Ringo. My crush: Paul. The only other poster ever on my wall: Bruce Springsteen. Although I have to admit at one small moment in time Andy Gibb and his songs held a strange allure.

  12. "Me" says:

    I love that theory Style Maniac! Andy Gibb, huh? Talk about good hair!

  13. jotter girl says:

    This is a scream! I think when I was in 6th grade, I had a crush on Marv Albert. (ew) Otherwise, I had the usual….Bobby Sherman and the guys from The Bay City Rollers.

  14. "Me" says:

    Glad you enjoyed Jottergirl ;) Bay City rollers – I remember the BCR posters in every record shop — ahhh… the memories! ;)

  15. We can’t speak for childhood crushes but we’re fairly sure the entire Blogstress Network would agree on a current one: hello, Johnny Depp.

  16. “Da Doo Ron Ron Da Doo Ron Ron” Shaun Cassidy baby! His face plastered the walls of my bedroom!

  17. "Me" says:

    Thanks for stopping by Susan :) Yes! Shaun was all the rage, and quite the popular cover boy in Tiger Beat!

  18. Fun post that makes me travel back to those awkward days! The Cassidys–YES. David & his brother Shaun. (I never did the pop poster thing, though), KC from KC & The Sunshine Band (my older brother took me and my best friend to see them in concert–what an awesome bro to put up with screaming teenie boppers! My friend & I practiced dance steps for weeks before the concert). Someone mentioned Richard Chamberlain. OMG, The Thornbirds!
    Enjoyed your feature post at Mirth & Motivation. Nice site!

  19. "Me" says:

    @Freedom — KC and the Sunshine Band – oh yes! KC was a hottie in those polyester wide leg spangled pants! Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoying a bit of madness – a new post is coming asap!
    ~ Me

  20. Team Oyeniyi says:

    This is a clear indication of how old I am – I cannot recall my first crushes! I’ve thought and thought – I have no recollection at all!

  21. Karen V. says:

    Haha! This is sooo cute! Stopping by from Elizabeth’s feature on you. You look far too young to have had these crushes. Mine was also Bay City Rollers and Shaun Cassidy & Parker Stevenson when then did the Hardy Boys! Remember that?! :) Love your blog!

  22. Brookside Institute says:

    However the other two hold a special place in my heart too as two of my first crushes were Jonathan Scott-Taylor and Sam Neill. I think it was the first time that I was impressed by the reality that things like this happen in the real world not just in movies.

  23. Hi Lee,
    Just found you from Eliz’s featured blogger post of the other day!
    And I’m so glad that I did. Love your picture pin-up board background…it brings back memories. :) I was born and raised across the river in NYC. My very best friend (from the time I was 2) moved to NJ when we were in 2nd grade…and, after 62 years, we still email often and see each other on rare occasions.
    My crushes: Michael Landon from Bonanza and Elvis. And, of course, as years passed, different movie/TV/music personalities took the spotlight for the moment. But I met my husband in college when I was 16…and he is still the love of my life. :) And I have to say that BOOKS are another passion of mine that started when I sat on my mother’s lap and turned the pages of The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton…and that passion continues today.

  24. "Me" says:

    WOW! Thank you all for the LOVE :)

    Brookside – Sam Neil — a bad Marlboro Man type – very handsome & a great actor, too!

    Team Oyeniyi – Did it come to you yet? Love to hear!!

    Karen V. – Yes – I remember both of the hardy Boys – what great hair they had, right?

    Vivian ~The Little House — I LOVED that book and also must have rad it a hundred times — I even and tried to buy it again recently, but it’s only a flimsy paperback now…
    what sweet memories :)

    Thanks again for your comments everyone — I really appreciate them — stay in touch!


  25. Patrick says:

    I always loved the creative crushes that were I thought the expression of life itself within us, the essence of spirit with a human form. I think the soul craves the experience of this creativity. It unites us with who we want to be.

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  28. Ken Ketterer says:

    Appears like it was females who only had crushes? Well this male’s first “secret” crush was a fellow kindergarten classmate, who I just confessed this to, some 40+ years later, thru Facebook. You now know who you are. LOL. Other then her, has to have been Jan Brady. *BTW. The flame for Paul is still carried by my 9 year old daughter Maggie. I swear she watches A Hard Days Night and Help at least a handful of times a week… LOL. ~Ken from Dover NJ

  29. "Me" says:

    @ Ken Ketterer:
    You are teaching your child well my friend – love it! :)
    and yes, I wish more dudes would share their crushes with us too!
    "Me" recently posted..Empty BenchMy Profile

  30. Savastano says:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

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