Crush Crazy!

Ringo Starr

I’ve mentioned one of my first crushes (Mr. Peanut) in my Atlantic City post, but I think I only liked him for his warm toasty nuts. Get your mind out of the gutter — his peanuts!

But, I was fickle. As a young lass, I really had eyes for Ringo Starr (of the Beatles, in case you just woke up from a four decade long coma). Fortune was on my side, seeing as how my first grade teacher happened to know Ringo personally! In fact, she told me she’d give him my love letters. How exciting for me!

Crush number two was comedian Jerry Lewis. I used to watch his hysterical movies over and over again. Jerry was totally adorable and he made me laugh – what else does a girl need?

Jerry Lewis

As I grew a bit older music took center stage, and with that, Elton John became my main squeeze. My adolescent bedroom walls were crammed, wall-to-wall, with posters of EJ in a variety of his fabulously flamboyant outfits. I thought he was the sexiest thing! (I had no idea about his sexual preferences then, but I wouldn’t have cared anyway). Each night I was sure to write how I LOVED ELTON in my diary.

Elton John

I have quite the soft spot in my heart for my first crushes, and I always will. These three guys were the garland on my childhood, and when I think about my little girl first loves, I still smile.

Ok, SPILL IT! Who were your first crushes? Please share in the comments section below & head back to the home of MADNESS.

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