Mom’s Little Monkey

“Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.” ~ Winston Churchill

In my post “The Exorcist at the Drive In” I shared my warm memories of the drive-in movie theater, and how I fondly remember those retro intermission ads touting sparkling cold beverages, piping hot coffee, Slim Jims, chocolate bars, candy and cigarettes.

I also mentioned how my little peepers stayed glued to the big screen during the entire showing of The Exorcist, complete with the Ouija board (“Captain Howdy”), pea green priest vomit, and Regan’s infamous crackling head spin. That movie stayed with me so much so that it’s still ranks as my favorite horror flick ever, which I religiously (pun intended) watch at least once a year.

chimp Moms Little Monkey

That night, during the showing of the pre-movie movie, mom & dad kept telling me they had a cute little monkey to show me, but I had to be patient. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see this monkey! Where the heck did mom and dad get a monkey from?” I wondered, so I did my best Ramona the Pest impersonation to get them to show me asap!

Finally, mom said “are you ready to see the monkey?” I told her “YES YES YES!” So … I closed my eyes, and then mom spoke her magic words: “open your eyes!”

DAMN — I was totally gypped!

The “MONKEY” was me! Mom put down the passenger’s side sun visor, so when I opened my eyes I saw my own face in the mirror! Turns out, they thought I was their cute little monkey. I do recall being a bit ticked, but the freakish movie allowed me to snap out of it fairly quickly.

(ITALIAN LESSON: That does not please me = Questo non me calza )

No monkeying around, please leave a comment about your drive-in/movie memories below, and you can head to the madness home page ~ HERE ~

5 Responses to “Mom’s Little Monkey”

  1. barbara says:

    I do miss the drive-in, but not scary movies. I would lay on the floor of the back seat whenever it was a scary movie. I would probably do that today, too.
    And you are a cute little monkey ;-D

  2. That is hilarious that you saw the Exorcist at the drive in! I think the first time I watched it, it took a week to get Linda Blaire’s face out of my head!

    I’m pretty sure our first drive-in movie was King Kong! All four of us kids were in the back of the station wagon terrified that King Kong was suddenly going to appear behind the consession stand!

    Great memories!


  3. "Me" says:

    Tee hee – thanks Barbara! I can just see you hiding on the floor ;)
    Megan — Love the King Kong visual – don’t you just cherish those memories, so?

  4. I don’t like movies about possession, I’ve never seen the “Exorcist” and won’t.

    But I do have a fond memory of my father taking just me and my one sister to a drive in movie, shortly before they all closed down. It was odd because my father never took us anywhere on his own. It was the first and last time. And for the life of me, I can’t remember where my Mom and other siblings were.

  5. "Me" says:

    Thanks for sharing your comment and fond memory Tinsel & Tine — If you ever decide to see a possession flick, this would be the right choice!

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