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Pretty Precious Things

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” ~ Lucy Van Pelt regarding Easter

Every year about when the crocuses pop, I venture up to my attic, also known as “home of a thousand Christmas boxes” to pull out a few decorative eggs, Easter bunnies and colorful little “Jim Cracks” (as mom used to call them) to brighten up the house for Springtime.

Easter Basket 1963

Then I found the piece de resistance — “baby’s first” Easter basket. Yes, my very first one from back in 1963 (oops – typo alert! Don’t I mean 1973?) After wiping my misty eyes dry, (as you know if you’ve read some recent posts, it’s been an achingly emotional past few months) I smiled, and realized just how very precious this pretty little Easter basket is to me.

(ITALIAN LESSON: Happy Easter = Buona Pasqua)

My sweet childhood gift still looks perfectly pristine (photo below) and I’ll cherish it along with my memories of every Easter I was lucky enough to spend with two awesome loving parents … always.

So please share in the comments section: what are your “precious things”?
Easter Basket 2011

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Viva la Mexico!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

“I love mankind – it’s people I can’t stand.” ~ Charles M. Schulz, Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown

the happy mexican

Today, it’s time to depart from my usual Italian theme to give kudos to Mexico. Yes, VIVA LA MEH-I-CO! Hubby and I just returned from an ultra-relaxing week at an amazingly beautiful resort in Riviera Maya, Cancun (by relaxing I mean non-stop eating and drinking for seven days – our pickled livers are now on a mini-vacation of their own).

(SPANISH LESSON: what’s your f*cking problem? cual es tu pinche pedo?)

The staff at our resort were the friendliest and most accommodating people ever! I must have said “HOLA” a thousand times, and that was just before breakfast! Every time you pass a resort employee they would greet you with a pearly grin and a “hola”. Which makes me wonder if their training is something like that of circus elephants — if they don’t “perform”, they’ll receive a thrashing by the Mexican whip when the clock strikes la medianoche.

sour face

I give these people GRANDE accolades, because some of these American touristas sported a permanent puss on their pasty faces. They looked as if they just sucked the life out of a barrelful of lemons!
I mean – WTF? How could you be at a 5-Star resort, where you’re being waited on hand and foot and walk around like a f*cking frowning zombie? There was one chunky monkey who could not keep her eyes off the kitchen at breakfast one morning. Girlfriend was sizing up those omelets like Charlie Sheen at a whorehouse! Laser-beam focus on every tray which passed her drooling boca. I so wanted to tell her, “look b!tch, you can afford to skip a meal or dos!” Seriously, the mugs on some of these losers just wanted me to slap the happy into them!

The point of my rant is, if you can APPEAR happy, maybe you can actually FEEL happy, so why not SMILE dammit! 🙂

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