Shaken Laptop Syndrome

“People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.” ~ Will Rogers

I’ll admit that quite a few things in life piss me off (rudeness to waitstaff, bad drivers, close-minded nitwits and racists) and sometimes my rage seems a bit over-the-top based on the situation at hand.  I attribute my short fuse to my Sicilian heritage — perhaps it’s the Napoledon in me, or maybe the combination of these two fiery ancestral lines fuel my spicy Italian temper.

This past week, my neurons went neurotic, my synapses snapped, my circuits became a circus.  I think this frenzy was mainly from staying so damn busy, I’ve not given myself a true grieving period for mom, and my stress level has  been running in the red for a few weeks now.  I’m angry that I cannot pick up the phone to call ma to chit chat or bullsh!t like only we could.  I’m angry because I want to ask her a question about my childhood, a family recipe, life in the fifties, dish about the latest scandal in the news, or tell her a funny joke I recently heard.  I’m angry when that bitter sting of reality SMACKS me, reminding me that those days are gone forever.

angry redhead Shaken Laptop Syndrome

So what did I do with all this fire? All I can say is that I’m glad I cannot be arrested for SHAKEN LAPTOP SYNDROME, because that’s exactly what I took by rage out on.  Yes, my beautiful brand new laptop is royally screwed, and yes, I am the f’in idiot who screwed it!  (A temper tantrum! um…how old am I?) Great, I’m at the top of my own SH!T LIST!

laptop screen punch 300x199 Shaken Laptop Syndrome

Side Note: Blessed computer gurus are going to try to put Humpty back together again, so I think I’d better turn my statue of Bill Gates upside down for luck.

Wanna hear something even more bizarre? This is not a unique occurrence! While searching the web for a photo to use for this post, I came across several forums with many other crazy people (like me) asking the question “what happens when I punch my laptop?”, or “I just fisted the crap out of my keyboard, will my computer ever work again?” WOW.

(Angry Italian Lesson:  You can all go f!ck yourselves = Andate tutti a vaffanculo!)

Happy this disturbing week has come to a close, I’m slowly forgiving myself for my psycho behavior, taking some time to reflect and figure out alternate ways to vent without destroying my favorite inanimate objects.

Which leads me to ask — what was YOUR craziest moment of rage? (or feel free to share a few things that piss YOU off).

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8 Responses to “Shaken Laptop Syndrome”

  1. barbara says:

    I once had a temper tantrum and threw something (I think it was a can of something) in the middle of the super market. Similar situation with stress and denial seething under the surface until BAM! It’s not healthy to hold it in and then take it out on unsuspecting inanimate objects, or worse super market clerks.
    Like you, I know better now. Doesn’t mean it will never happen again, just that being aware is the 1st step toward healing.
    Condolences to the laptop.

  2. Style Maniac says:

    Whether it’s the Italian in me, the Scorpion or just a plain old hot temper, I admit I can scream and throw things with the best of them. I haven’t yet thrown my laptop out the window, but I’ve been tempted, oh my how I’ve been tempted.

    I say get the anger out (box at the gym, find one of those place where you can break a roomful of glass objects), then take some time off (and offline) and relax. You deserve it.

    On a happier note … thanks for your comments on my blog today. You have to be a sweet person to still visit and support your friends despite having such a lousy week.

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  4. kennyb says:

    I’m a failure to my heritage. Even though Italian, I have no temper available to me. My brother has seized all of that for the family. We find it amusing.

    I do, however, speak for my race when I say that I hold grudges. When I was nine, about 40 years ago, Claudio at Claudio’s Cheese Shoppe cheated my uncle, a good friend at the time. He pushed his thumb down on the scale. My uncle caught him, walked out of the shoppe, and Claudio followed him out in tears, apologizing.

    I’ve never gone into that shoppe again. Claudio died years ago. His son owns the shoppe. He’s a nice guy. He’s an actor. I’ve worked with him. But I won’t buy his cheese.

  5. Lily Olin says:

    Astonishingly good blog -funny! Thanks for the chuckles — I’ll be back!

  6. Irene says:

    Oh, Lee, I so know exactly what you are talking about with never being able to make that call again. About three weeks after my Mom passed away in 1991, I was making a batch of her home-made “knurdels” (German dumplings), which she always served on Sundays with eye round roast beef, her famous cucumber salad, mashed potates, and a couple of veggies. Anyway, I picked up the phone and dialed her up to ask exactly how many eggs, waiting for a ring, and just cried throughout the whole knurdel making process! The brain is a funny thing! Back to the fits of rage against inanimate objects stories you asked for. It is the same timeframe for me. Standing in my kitchen, just days after Mom left us, looking around for any surface to clean, straighten, etc., I realized I was literally going in slow circles aimlessly, I simply walked over to the cabinets, took out one dish at a time and smashed them in the sink, in a daze. Crazy, but somehow a release. So, you are not crazy, you are very human, you are still healing from one of the worst psychological blows we humans will ever experience, second only to losing a child (the worst), hang in there Lee. Love you!

  7. "Me" says:

    @ Irene:
    It’s so surreal, isn’t it? I think we could BOTH have movies about our lives, couldn’t we?
    "Me" recently posted..Bug Up Your Ass?My Profile

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