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The Original “Loud” Family

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

“I’m not yelling, I’m just ITALIAN That’s how we talk” ~ Italians

Loud & Proud

The Louds’ had nothin’ on the Romano family in the decibel department. Remember the Loud family? They were the original reality stars as seen in the 1973 series “An American Family”. PBS chronicled their experiences, with over 300 hours of footage. Man, PBS should have known about us — we would’ve been much more entertaining!

No, my parents didn’t get divorced, nor did I have a gay brother like Lance Loud (remember, I was the only child for 14 years pre foster kids) but our family had the loud (slighty crazy) factor — Dad used to say, “we Romanos have some big lungs!”

Yeah, we made yelling an art form — maybe it’s an Italian thing, but we could yell and scream at each other one minute, and sit down and have a cup of espresso and a plate of anisette cookies the next. We got it out, then let it roll off — it was our talent, since hitting and homicide never reared their faccia brut under our roof, thank the Madonna!


Talent or not, I needed some peace and quiet, so in my early twenties it was time to flee the Romano nest. So I headed off to my first apartment in West Orange with my friend Cheryl (stories to come). At times, I missed hearing mom or dad’s booming voice on a Sunday morning, but I did relish those extra zzzs. I could always head to Dover and join in a screaming match whenever I needed to clear my lungs.

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Little Miss Sunshine

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

“You know what? F*ck beauty contests. Life is one f*cking beauty contest after another. School, then college, then work… F*ck that. And f*ck the Air Force Academy. If I want to fly, I’ll find a way to fly. You do what you love, and f*ck the rest.”
~ Dwayne, Little Miss Sunshine

I know you’ll enjoy this guest post from the multi-talented Barbara Hammond of  Zero to 60 and Beyond. So andiamo – andiamo!

My mother-in-law was truly an innocent.  She put the “P” in Prude!  It used to make me laugh when she would spell D-A-R-N in front of my kids, which  I think she did until they were in high school.   So you can imagine my surprise as we were leisurely having our morning coffee at the kitchen table one day, and out of the blue she blurted out, “You know, I always thought f*ck was an Italian word when I was growing-up, because it was only the Italian kids in the neighborhood that would write it on the sidewalk.”

(ITALIAN LESSON:  Mother-in-law =  Suocera)

Spit take… um, “Well mom, when did you discover it wasn’t Italian?” 

“After dad and I had been married for a while I asked him about it — he was shocked when I asked and said, ‘For crying out loud, we’ve been doing it for 3 months and you didn’t even know what we were doing?!'”

Then, she turned to me and asked,  “Would you like some coffee cake dear?”

I was thinking, maybe after I change my underwear, because I think I just peed my pants!

Those silly guidos

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