Just a Crazy Italian Famiglia from NJ

“Sempre Famiglia = Family Forever”
Family Forever
Mom certainly contributed her fair share of insanity to our little Romano clan, and I love her for it, I really do.  Come on, how many other daughters can go on about how their mom threw her shoes/purse/dad’s wallet out of the car window, flipped her spaghetti plate at the dinner table, ran away a few times (well, it was just around the block, or to the corner of her walk-in closet), had special “turn-the-car-around” powers, or flipped on the gas oven to do the family in? Seriously, mom and I share many a laugh over these memories, complete with those precious “pee-your-pants” moments, and this is just beginning. 

(ITALIAN LESSON:  She comes from a noble, ancient family = Viene da un’antica nobile famiglia)

Like the time when mom ironed counterfeit bills for my gansta brother, her saintly patience with sixteen different foster kids (in all varieties) her sisters who mastered the craft of putting curses on people (oops – sorry your house burned down!) and an almost- daughter-in-law (seeing her in the morning, you would’ve sworn she was boxing promoter Don King) who beat down an enemy with a plastic lawn goose and occasionally went berserk on family members with a Ginsu knife!

MADONNA MIA! I could just go on and on, so let me gather up some snippets to share and I’ll be back with more decades of true-life lunacy.

If you have a weak bladder, pop on your trusty Depends and hang on for the ride!

It's Fun to be Crazy

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