Palm Sunday: Church with a Door Prize!

“I’m Jewish. I don’t work out. If God had wanted us to bend over, He would have put diamonds on the floor.” ~ Joan Rivers.

As a kid, one of my favorite days to head to church with Mom & Dad was Palm Sunday.  Normally, my favorite  treat was the communion wafer (one was ok, but they really should have passed a bowl around – like a bucket of popcorn. And I know that would’ve been a hit with the “audience” because I always heard growling tummies, sometimes over the rumble of snores).

Palm Sunday was SOUVENIR DAY!!!

All parishioners were lucky enough to go home with a door prize of fresh palms! And I loved those palms — sometimes I’d grab a couple of extra fronds on the way out for my “sick” sister at home (yeah, the one I didn’t have).  Ok, call me greedy, but this technique I learned from my Dad, who would always tuck an extra Italian roll or Granny Smith in his pocket at the breakfast buffet (the scrambled would’ve been a bit too messy).

(ITALIAN LESSON:  Sunday = Domenica)

YAY! Church Prizes!

P.S. One of my least favorite church days:  Ash Wednesday (you can read that post here: )

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